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Production of lighting solutions

Facade lighting

A building's face is its most important aesthetic element. So it is vital to light it properly, to make it aesthetically pleasing, and to attract attention at any time of day

Lighting ceilings

Light from the ceiling, evenly flooding the interior, is a comfortable lighting solution for guest convenience in your office. Light ceilings are suitable both for decoration and main lighting.

Landscape lighting

Arranging the landscape lighting is one of the most time-consuming processes, which involves several factors.

Interior lighting

Interior lighting is among the major trends in the light segment. Every person has a place to stay for a long time. Home, work, leisure areas – all this needs to create comfortable conditions, performance, positive mood, and well-being.

Lighting equipment installation

Lighting equipment installation is the final and extremely important part of the project. Installation specialists have to consider both the visual components of the project and, above all, its technical component.

Automation (Smart House)

Run your home as easily as you run your car!

Cottage and private home lighting

At any time of day and night, the country house needs high-quality outdoor lighting, especially as the twilight falls.

Video mapping

Video mapping is a fast-growing trend in lighting that is used in entertainment, advertising, education, and space design.