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Production of lighting solutions

Video mapping

Video mapping is a fast-growing trend in lighting that is used in entertainment, advertising, education, and space design.
It's hard to imagine city festivals, museum expositions, specialized exhibitions, and large-scale events without video mapping.

Video mapping
3D projection on various physical objects is always exquisite workmanship, where the surface of the object, its size, the event topic, and many other factors are taken into account. Projections are created using 3D digital models. Often it is not the same image, but a whole scenario or plot. Today, projections are so realistic that they can be perceived by humans as real objects.
There are several types of video mapping: landscape, architectural, interior, interactive, or projection on small objects.
Video mapping is all about giving people the opportunity to get away from the bustle and be truly amazed!
Therefore, the creative team, the technical capabilities, and the skills of the company involved in the project, as well as the highest quality of the equipment are extremely important.