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SOK Arena Park

SOK Arena Park
Rybakov Foundation is a non-profit organization that declares its goal to support entrepreneurship, education, and social non-profit projects. The co-working space occupies all the floors of a nine-story building on Leningradsky Prospect, with a total area of 32,000 sq. m. "Every affluent person should give other people access to the practices and meanings that have made them successful. This was the reason for launching SOK. We strive to give everyone the key to self-fulfillment and development," explains Igor Rybakov. Winner of "Best Office Awards 2019" in the "Best Co-working space" category Customer: S.O.K. network of smart offices Design: Nefa Architects architectural bureau General contractor: STROTEX CONSULTING company Lighting design: Spector Lab lighting company We designed non-standard ring pendant lights for the project to an individual design. Total number of lighting fixtures: 130 Lead time: 1.5 months

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